Software Security - S18

CSE 545

Project Goal

The goal of your project is to develop an awesome tool that will help you win the PCTF (project CTF). This could be an automated exploitation tool, a network-defense tool, a binary-protection tool, or anything else that you imagine.


You already have your project/CTF group (they are one and the same).

Project CTF

To test out and demonstrate the awesomeness of your project, and to find out who the best hackers in CSE 545 are, we will have a Project Capture The Flag (PCTF) competition. The top three teams will receive extra credit on their project. The PCTF will take place during the class final: Monday, April 30th from 4:50–6:40 PM (location TBA).

Project Evaluation

Your project will be evaluated based on the final report, the project code, and documentation.

Project reports, project code, and documentation on how to compile/run your tool (a text README file is best) are due 5/2/17 on or before 11:59:59pm MST.