Introduction to Information Assurance - S20

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Course Number: CSE 365 (21120)
Instructor: Prof. Adam Doupé
Office: BYENG 472
Office Hours: Tuesday 2pm–3pm, Wednesday 1:30pm–2:30pm, and by appointment Zoom link
Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30am–11:45am (Class Zoom)
Course Mailing List: Piazza

Course TA: Steven Wirsz
Office: BYENG M-30
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm–5:30pm, and by appointment Zoom link

Course TA: Arvind S Raj
Office: BYENG M1-30
Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 12pm–1pm, and by appointment Zoom Link

Course TA: Marzieh Bitaab
Office: BYENG M1-30
Office Hours: Monday 1pm–2pm, Thursday 2pm–3pm, and by appointment


Tony Tipton
Purv Chauhan
Ryley Lamb
Gabe Do
Scott Foster
Jacob Babik
Ian Lobo

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Relevant Book Sections

  • Overview — Chapter 1
  • Access Control — Chapter 2, Chapter 4, Chapter 14.1, Chapter 14.2, Chapter 5.2, and Chapter 6.2
  • Cryptography — Chapter 8
  • Authentication — Chapter 11
  • Network Security — Chapter 23