Introduction to Information Assurance - S20

CSE 365


A key part of studying security is putting your skills to the test in practice. Hacking challenges known as Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are a great way to do this.

Our first in-class CTF will be held on Thursday, April 16th.

Step 1: Form Teams by Wednesday, April 15th 5pm

You’ll compete in the class CTFs as a team, with a maximum of six people on a team.

Elect a captain for your team. The captain will be the main point of contact.

Decide on a team name.

Register your team with the class (to be posted to Piazza).

Step 2: Prepare for the CTF

Install the tools that we’ve discussed in class for things such network analysis (Wireshark), reverse engineering (Ghidra), etc.

Step 3: Compete in the first 365CTF

Your entire team must join the in-class CTF on April 16th.

The UGTAs will set up a discord server where we all can coordinate during the CTF. Each of the teams will have their own private chat/voice channel that they can use to coordinate during the CTF. We’ll also be available to ask questions.

Step 4: Write and Submit a CTF writeup

As is traditional in CTFs, your team will write a writeup of the challenges that your team solved.

What we want to see in your writeup:

  1. How you solved each of the challenges that you solved.
  2. How you attempted to solve the other challenges in the CTF.
  3. What you learned during the CTF (new skills or techniques).

If you did not attempt a challenge, you do not have to include it in your writeup.

Your captain is responsible for submitting the writeup on GradeScope by Friday, April 17th at noon.